"Conquista la guerra, el hambre y la muerte"

"Conquista la guerra, el hambre y la muerte"

Encontrar en los acontecimiento un hilo conductor,una serie de eventos nos confrontan a una realidad . La conexión se da a través de ideas que se encuentran en el inconsciente  general.

                                               The Age of Aquarius is upon us.1
The singularity is around the corner.2
Ecological collapse appears inevitable.3
The economic system is a zombie.4
Where in the world is Higgs Boson?5
Our culture is at the boiling point,
From water to steam...6

Are we on the cusp of collapse, or the precipice of a breakthrough?

The tide is out.

Is this what evolution feels like?

All things are the same thing.

Dionysus has killed Apollo has killed Dionysus.

Unconstrained Growth into the Void?

Fru Trejo
Félix Luna
Ulysses Castellanos
Matt Crookshank
Javier Smek

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